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The centre

Our health, wellness and quality of life are today priorities for each of us.

The GesondheetsZentrum is a health centre proposing medical services, screening and the prevention of health problems.

Our goal is to help you live a healthier and more dynamic life to stay in good health for as long as possible.

The GesondheetsZentrum offers a full range of in-house skills in many fields related to the prevention of health problems and health education including: diet, physical activity, addictive behaviour or stress, etc. Thanks to a combination of specialised medical examinations and group or individual courses, our experts will support and assist you in adopting health-friendly behaviour in your day-to-day life.

“The seeds of healthy ageing are planted early in life” Kofi Annan (2001)

To make an appointment with the multidisciplinary team, please contact the Secretariat of the GesondheetsZentrum:
Médecine préventive : +352 263 69210, +352 263 69220
Psycho & Coaching : +352 263 69230

Our areas of expertise

Health check-up

A health check-up adapted to your situation enables you to identify the risks of illnesses in advance, to avoid them.

The GesondheetsZentrum proposes health check-ups including state-of-the-art preventive medicine and early diagnosis techniques.

Range of courses

Whatever your health problem: excess weight, high blood pressure or difficulty in managing stress, we can propose a tailored programme to help you.

Health Psychology

Our psychological service offers psychological counseling and psychotherapy for the treatment of psychosomatic and stress-related disorders (including burn-out) and for the prevention of health problems (smoking cessation, weight control, etc.).

We also offer a wide range of psychological relaxation techniques (e.g. autogenic training and progressive relaxation) and mindfulness-based stress management.